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  • Galamandjuk, Lesia; Siedlaczek-Szwed, Aleksandra; Iedynak, Gennadii; Dutchak, Myroslav; Stasjuk, Ivan; Prozar, Mykola; Mazur, Valerii; Bakhmat, Nataliia; Veselovska, Taisiia; Kljus, Olena; Marchuk, Daniil (Editura Universitatii din Pitesti, 2019-07)
    We evaluated the effectiveness of various types of physical training during classes of 5–6-year-old girls with different handedness. Each training method was applied to girls with ambidexterity, left- and righthandedness, ...
  • Galamandjuk, Lesia; Prozar, Mykola; Stasjuk, Ivan; Bakhmat, Nataliia; Iedynak, Gennadii; Kljus, Olena; Guska, Michajlo; Dokuchina, Tetiana (Editura Universitatii din Pitesti, 2017-12)
    We studied the state of physical fitness and the physiological characteristics display of girls at age 9 and 10 who just started to attend a volleyball sports school. Material: The study involved girls at age 9 (n = 73) ...
  • Iedynak, Gennadii; Galamandjuk, Lesia; Ivashchenko, Victoria; Stasjuk, Ivan; Guska, Michajlo; Prozar, Mikola; Mazur, Valerii; Sliusarchuk, Victor (Editura Universitatii din Pitesti, 2017)
    The study involved 558 girls and 526 boys, 8-9 grade students; including 328 girls and 312 boys with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system or musculoskeletal system; the remaining 230 girls and 214 boys had no ...

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